About Us

Bella Mecanica is a Lifestyle

It is the venue of strong and confident women who celebrates femininity and minute pleasures. It is the place of familiar smiles bartered and secret kept.

It is the place where craft is perfected, details are highlighted and Beauty is enhanced. It is my happy place.


The brainchild of Atty. Kwin Asunto-Yecyec, C.P.A., the first branch was first launched together with the grand opening of Robinsons Place Butuan in November, 2013. It was the first nail and waxing salon in the region, only of 5 chairs and 2 waxing rooms.

A year after, November 2014, brother branch, Alot Barbero Lokal opened in the same mall. This gave us the classic to serve our Suki Gentlemen and Little Maters. Plus! We then dapped on the opportunity to handle hair!

August 2015, the demand of the service started to rise, and the renovation of Bella Mecanica had to set in to increase space and seating capacity. This was considered our 3rd major project.

2016, was a very busy year. April, they broke grounds for the Asunto-Yecyec Internal Audit and Business Law Consultancy. Atty. Kwin and Atty. Jed got married on May. And by November, 4 branches in the line of salons are officially open. Watergate Hotel is the home of Aum Wellness Spa and Massage and Bella Mecanica Salon. This time around, the salon is now equipped to handle hair and face, skin and body.

October 2017, 4 new branches of the line of salons opened its doors for the Bella Loyalistas. Bella Mecanica Nail and Waxing Salon, has more than doubled the size and seating area. B’s Wax by Bella Mecanica is a beautiful spin off to focus on the waxing market, that then offers not only hot but also cold waxing. Korte ni Bella Mecanica in turn focuses on hair, face skin and body. And of course, Alot Barbero Lokal continues its increasing patronage on its 3rd year.

2018 and 2019 were the years for the food and restaurant leg of their couple’s group. Atty. Kwin opened the first franchised branch of Bigby’s Café and Restaurant. She also signed multiple franchised branches of Balamban Liempo in the area of Caraga. Her consultancy office transferred to a much bigger space. And the years were blurred in their multiple attempts for an IUI-IVF Baby.

2020, and COVID-19 struck. And despite the worldwide pandemic, this year must be the most blessed year of all. finally, Atty. Kwin and Atty. Jed finally had a successful IVF transfer! And less than a month from the birth of their precious baby, they opened another branch of Bigby’s Café and Restaurant, and 2 new branches of her line of salons, Bella Mecanica Salon and Alot Barbero Lokal, all in SM City Butuan. All branches are not only surviving. They are earning! 2021, Bella Mecanica dares set its eye on becoming a national franchise. And we shall make history!!!


Bella Mecanica is our happy place, always! Happy place for our people. Happy place for our guests. Vision is set on having happy places all over the Philippines, and be the leader service and ingenuity in the industry of beauty and wellness.


Strive to have a positive working environment. Focus on the development of knowledge and skills as a source of sense of personal fulfillment. Become an instrument of an abundant source of livelihood to raise the way of living for themselves and their loved ones. Set a high priority of customer satisfaction of quality services. Make Bella Mecanica part of their lifestyle. Envelope them with a great feeling of warmth and comfort in our very own happy place. Create long term relationships of mutual trust. Set an objective of good return of investments. Have a unified goal of top notch service.