Franchise an all-around Beauty Transformation Hub

Best tuning beauty since 2013, Bella Mecanica is the first Nail and waxing salon established in Butuan City. Famous for its services, Bella Mecanica gradually transitioned into a full-service salon providing hair and other pampering services. This up-and-coming service salon franchise also offers hair and scalp care, brow sculpting, lash extensions, nail care and art, waxing, and more.

With the increasing demand for professionally done pampering services, now is the time to franchise this all-around beauty transformation hub! Be part of our blooming success, franchise Bella Mecanica salon franchise.


Look inside a Bella Mecanica Franchise!

Fine-tuning beauty since 2013

Bella Mecanica is the first nail and waxing salon established in Butuan City.

Popular for their nail and waxing services, Bella Mecanica gradually transitioned into a full-service salon due to insistent demand from their loyal patrons, providing hair and other pampering services.

All-around beauty calibration

We provide the following services:
– Hair and scalp care
– Brow sculpting
– Lash extensions
– Manicure and pedicure
– Nail art
– Hand and foot massage
– Body waxing and threading

Polish up with our wide array of colors & embellishments!

Over 100 colors on display to choose from, accompanied with an extensive selection of embellishments and extensions.

Established employee retention system

Strong retention is the backbone of the beauty service industry.

Access to our standardized proprietary training and more.

Franchise Highlights:

P395K + VAT

Starts at P2.7M + VAT

50- 80 sqm.

(6) seats for nails, (6) for pedicures, (3) for hair and (3) rooms for brows, lashes and waxing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bella Mecanica?

Bella Mecanica is a full-service salon offering a variety of beauty services such as nails, waxing, brows, lashes and hair.

What is the average investment for Bella Mecanica?

The average investment for a Bella Mecanica franchise with a unit of 50 – 80 sq.m. starts at Php 2.7M inclusive of the Franchise Fee of Php 395K, but exclusive of VAT.

What does the total franchise investment cover?

The total investment covers the following:
– Use of licensed trademark, name, and logo.
– Site selection and evaluation assistance
– Architectural design and construction assistance
– Pre-opening and start-up assistance
– Comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual
– Training on management, operations and customer service
– Initial inventory and supplies
– Grand opening and local store marketing assistance
– Total support package given to franchisees to be able to open and run a franchise unit smoothly and profitably.

Will I have an exclusive territory?

You will not be granted an exclusive territory. Bella Mecanica shall grant a single unit franchise for every 100,000 population in a given trade area. However, franchisor will see to it that each site will service the population to the fullest to make the business viable.

Who will look for the location?

The franchisee searches for their location and submits the sketch location map and details of the proposed location to the franchisor for evaluation and approval.

How much is the royalty fee?

Bella Mecanica charges a royalty fee of 5% monthly of gross sales.

What do the advertising fees cover?

Franchisees also give a systemwide contribution of 2% of gross sales to a corporate advertising and development fund to be used for digital marketing and social media promotions. Franchisees are also required to spend 1% of gross sales for local advertising and promotion.

What training will we receive as franchisees?

The franchise owner and the designated management team and outlet personnel will be given extensive training both at the franchisor headquarters, as well as the franchisee store. including a dry-run or soft opening. The training will be conducted within 30 days before grand opening of the franchisee store. Covering all aspects of the business operation and management as well as customer service.

Where will I work?

Currently, you will be working in one of our offices in Cebu which are located in Cebu Business Park/IT Park/Mandaue, Philippines.

What other continuing support will I receive?

As our franchisee, you will receive continuing support from us during the term of the franchise as follows:
– Technical support
– Sales and operation performance reporting guidance
– Updates on new products and services

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term of the franchise agreement is 5 years, renewable to 1 additional term of 5 years each for a total of 10 years.